Funding and awards

Grants for Infrastructure and Teaching Development

  • Beaulieu, Anne and Engelien Reitsma. 2023. Leergang Digitaal Leiderschap, Provincie Fryslân, 95K.
  • Hoorn, Esther, Marijtje van Duin, Anne Beaulieu and Tom Spits. 2019-2021. Privacy in Research: Asking the Right Questions. Comenius Senior Fellow (€100 000)
  • Beaulieu, Anne and Gert Stulp. 2018. Development of minor Data Wise: Data Science in Society, Board of the University of Groningen (€99 600)
  • Beaulieu, Anne and Quin Genee 2016 Energysense Proeftuin (living lab). Partners: EnTranCe, Things IO, Vereniging Slim wonen met energie, Cedel. Funding: SNN (EFRO) (€360 000).
  • Beaulieu, Anne and Salome Scholtens. 2016. Big Data Platform for Energy Research. Partners: Energy Academy, EBN. Funding: Green Deal (€405 000).
  • Beaulieu, Anne and Andre Faaij. 2015. Funding: Investeringsfonds, Board of the University of Groningen 2015-2017 (€1 million).


Research grants

  • Gerritsma, Frank, Casper Albers, Anne Beaulieu, ENPREGA. 2016. Funding: TKI-Top Sector Energy, (€19 500 for Beaulieu).
  • Sacha Bourgois Grionde, Elisabeth Hildt, Steve Woolgar, Paul Wouters, Ale Smidts, Anne Beaulieu, Clement Levallois, Tanja Schneider, “NESSHI”. 2011-2015.The ‘neuro-turn’ in European Social Sciences and Humanities: Impacts of neurosciences on economics, marketing and philosophy”, Funding: Open Research Area in Europe for the Social Sciences, ANR-DFG-ESRC-NWO Joint Funding Scheme First Call 2010.
  • Beaulieu, A. and K. Vann. 2005-2008. In the web and on the ground: global circulation and local achievements of a prospective shift in governance, Shifts in Governance, Funding: NWO, (€195 000).
  • Beaulieu, A. and I. Hellsten. 2003-2004. Metaphors of databases as early indicators of integration and support in scientific research networks, Network of Networks, NWO, (€62 000).
  • Scharnhorst, A. and A. Beaulieu. 2003-2004. Competence and innovation in research networks – modeling self-organized learning of heterogeneous agents, Funding: Federal Department of Education and Research, Germany, (€50 000).
  • Wouters, P. and A. Beaulieu. 2001-2002. Trust Building and Data Sharing – an exploration of research practices and policies, for the OECD/CSTP Working Group. Funding: Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap, Den Haag. (€43 000).


Grants for events and travel

  • Derksen, M., A. Beaulieu and S. Vikkelsø. 2009. International workshop: Social Technology, Funding: WTMC (€3700).
  • Beaulieu, A., C. Hine, and M.  van Asselt. 2006. Internationaal Colloquium: Virtual Ethnography in Contemporary Social Science, Funding: KNAW Colloquiumsubsidie, (€4500).
  • Beaulieu, A., M. Boumans and J. Bos. 2003. Funding for Workshop ‘Objects of Objectivity’, Funding: Onderzoekschool WTMC en NWO Internationalisering, (€7700).
  • Beaulieu, A. 2002-2003. Neuroscience promises: Current & future applications of brain imaging technology, Funding: ESRC project, Goldsmith College, London, UK (consultancy).
  • Beaulieu, A. 2002. Stipendium  to attend workshop on Ethical, Social and Practical Aspects of Biobanks in Uppsala, Sweden, September 12-13 2002, reisbbeurs voor bijeenkomst: Workshop on Ethical, Social and Practical Aspects of Biobanks, Uppsala Sweden, Funding: European Science Foundation, (€250).
  • Beaulieu, A. 1998. EASST Young Scholars Travel Stipend to attend annual Conference, Funding: European Association for the Study of Science and Technology, (about €300).
  • Beaulieu, A. 1997. NWO Travel Grant for 3 month visit to the Wellcome Department, Institute of Neurology, London, UK, Funding: NWO Internationalisering, (about €300).


Research training grants

  • Beaulieu, A. 1995-1999. PhD Research Fellowship, Funding: University of Amsterdam, (about €48 000).
  • Beaulieu, A. 1994-1998. New Brunswick Women’s Doctoral Scholarship, New Brunswick Commission on Excellence in Education and Labour, Canada, (CAN$20 000).
  • Beaulieu, A. 1993-1994. FCAR M.A. Fellowship (Humanities), Funding: Fond de Formation de chercheurs et d’aide à la recherche (FCAR), Gouvernement du Québec, Canada, (CAN$28 000).
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