The minor Data Wise: Data Science in Society,  the major Responsible Planet in the bachelor programme Global Responsibility and Leadership, and PhD training in Science and Technology Studies are my main teaching activities at Campus Fryslan, the University of Groningen and WTMC.

Minor Data Wise


Beaulieu co-coordinates the minor, teaches the courses Dynamics of Multi-Disciplinary Teams and Data as Evidence, and contributes to Introduction to Data.

In the period 2017-2019, Beaulieu led the development of a new minor programme at the University of Groningen. ‘Data Wise: data science in society’ focuses on knowledge about data and on skills to critically evaluate, shape and work with data.

The idea for a minor on data was initially launched by Ronald Stolk, and colleagues from sociology, Gert Stulp and Rene Veenstra, contributed to its further implementation. The core of the minor is project-based learning and over 10 stakeholders from the public and private sectors have joined the University of Groningen in this programme.

The minor was designed to combine interdisciplinarity, interaction and awareness of real-world contexts as integral building blocks.  As a result students  possess a highly desirable profile by the end of the minor: team players who are able to collaborate with data scientists, making real contributions to responsible and innovative use of data.


Major Responsible Planet


The major is part of the Bachelor programme Global Responsibility and Leadership of University College Fryslan (UCF). Beaulieu leads the development of the major and is a member of the Board of UCF.

Courses developed and taught within the major

  • Earth System
  • Introduction to Sustainable Energy Transition
  • Homes and Cars: Technologies, Citizens and the Energy Transition
  • Energy Futures


National PhD Training in STS

As scientific coordinator of PhD training of the Netherlands Graduate Research School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture (WTMC), Beaulieu coordinates and develops curriculum for PhDs in the field of Science and Technology Studies together with Bernike Pasveer. See the Series on Teaching and Learning STS on the WTMC website (December 2019) for a detailed overview of the teaching.

Other Teaching Activities

  • Big Data in a Digital Society. 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. Masters course, Computer Science, University of Groningen.
  • Co-founder and anchor teacher of annual Groningen Energy Summer School (GESS), University of Groningen, from 2012 to 2015, 2017. Two-week interdisciplinary summer school for PhDs.
  • Various lectures and courses for undergraduates,
    • Qualitative research methods
    • Philosophy of Knowledge
    • Science Communication
    • Controversies in Cognition
    • Sociology of 20th Century Medicine
    • Biology and Society
    • Chemistry and Society
    • History and Philosophy of Social Science Research Methods
  • Teaching for professionals
    • Duurzaamheid en Technologie. Spring 2019. Lecture in series Succesvol duurzaam ondernemen in een circulaire economie (2019), Campus Fryslan.
    • Beloftes van duurzame innovatie: interactie tussen innovatie, technologie en cultuur. Spring 2016. Lecture in series Anthropologie voor Duurzaamheid, organised by the Impact Academy, Utrecht.