EASST/4S Panel

If your are interested in submitting a paper for this panel, please do so via the conference website.

Mediated Practice: Insights from STS, Critical Theory and Media Theory

Panel organisers:

Anne Beaulieu (STS);  Annamaria Carusi (Critical Theory/STS); Aud Sissel Hoel (Visual and Media Studies); Sarah de Rijcke (STS)

Researchers in STS, media theory and critical theory share an interest in mediated practices. Furthermore, science and technology studies and humanities based studies of media and culture (including film, art, literature, music) have common concerns with regards to representations, meaning systems, social and institutional aspects of science, media and culture, and the politics and ethics of interventions in these domains.  Researchers often draw upon overlapping perspectives and theories—though these are often deployed in different ways by scholars of science, and scholars of media and culture.  The aim of this panel is to build on precedents (Thacker’s Biomedia, van Dijck’s ImagEnation, etc.) and to further explore these overlaps and divergences, and the ways in which concepts, ideas approaches and perspectives might travel more effectively across science and technological studies, media studies and cultural studies.

We invite papers that show how a concept developed in one field can be used in the other, either via analysis of examples, by adopting a hybrid approach, or by theoretical reflection.

Papers for the panel could addres

  • Relations between ideas of medium and technologies in STS and media/critical theory.
  • Analyses of visual, textual, and audio objects that use a combined approach from STS and media/critical theory.
  • Different ideas of agency (for example, in the context of authors and artists as well as social actors).
  • Different understandings of interpretation as an act, practice and process.
  • The relation between local and situated meanings on the one hand and general and abstract terms on the other, and issues of circulation of meaning in mediated settings.
  • Approaches to contextualised ethics and socio-political responsibility or intervention that draw on STS and media/critical theory.




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