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Knowledge Infrastructures @EASST2022

Together with colleagues from the Knowledge Infrastructures Department of Campus Fryslân, we will present, organise and launch at the upcoming EASST conference in Madrid, from 6-9 Julu 2022 6 July 14:00 – 15:30 Room N106 Panel 010. ForeSTS 476. Imagining and evaluating olive orchards… Continue Reading “Knowledge Infrastructures @EASST2022”

Rediscovering the ‘local’ in knowledge infrastructures, PhD Scholarship, apply by 15-11-2021

Major societal challenges such as climate change, land degradation or loss of biodiversity have been formulated through large-scale and centralized systems for global data. But recent calls for disaggregation and localisation of data point to the need to produce, handle and use data differently.… Continue Reading “Rediscovering the ‘local’ in knowledge infrastructures, PhD Scholarship, apply by 15-11-2021”

I won’t ‘like’ your post: let’s move beyond potshots in public discourse on science

A troublesome ‘list’ has been circulating on Facebook lately, variously taking on the shape of a meme, coffee mug or t-shirts. It’s meant as a defense of science in the face of post-truth Trumpianisms and of recent waves of media attention to anti-science activists… Continue Reading “I won’t ‘like’ your post: let’s move beyond potshots in public discourse on science”

Teaching aliens about us with movies?

This weekend, Robbert Dijkgraaf, ex-president of the KNAW, was featured in the series ‘onze gids’ in the Saturday glossy of the daily newspaper Volkskrant. The format of the series is the selection of ten cultural artifacts by the week’s selected ‘guide’, followed by a… Continue Reading “Teaching aliens about us with movies?”

Museums and the Digital

A new collection, edited by Chiel van den Akker and Susan Legêne, is entitled Museums in a Digital Culture: How Art and Heritage Become Meaningful. It has just appeared at the Amsterdam University Press. The table of contents and introduction are available on the AUP… Continue Reading “Museums and the Digital”

Teaching with Volvo

What is the role of technological promises, and how can we understand them through an anthropological lens? Beloftes van duurzame innovatie: interactie tussen innovatie, technologie en cultuur Together with about 20 participants, I addressed these questions in the course of a lecture given as… Continue Reading “Teaching with Volvo”

The Routledge Companion to Digital Ethnography

A great collection of writing on ethnographic methods is being gathered by the capable hands and minds of Larissa Hjorth, Heather Horst, Anne Galloway & Genevieve Bell. In a section entitled ‘Debating Digital Ethnography’, I’ll have the pleasure of putting forth a contribution on… Continue Reading “The Routledge Companion to Digital Ethnography”

Authorship at WTMC annual meeting

 Authorship will be one of the issues addressed at the upcoming WTMC Annual Meeting, in Amsterdam, 20-21 November 2014 The session is scheduled at 9.30. on Friday 21 November. Measuring Science with Meaningful Metrics Organizers: Koen Frenken (UU), Paul Wouters (UL) This session aims… Continue Reading “Authorship at WTMC annual meeting”

Off to Trondheim!

For the closing conference Medical Images in Art and Science, a event to mark the end of the project Picturing the Brain. My talk will be on ethnography in the lab. While I’m aiming for a set of slides that will be low on… Continue Reading “Off to Trondheim!”

Coming soon…Networked neuroscience: brain scans and visual knowing at the intersection of atlases and databases

Our chapter in Representations in Scientific Practice Revisited discusses the development of authoritative collections of brain scans known as “brain atlases”, focusing in particular on how such scans are constituted as authoritative visual objects. Three dimensions are identified: first, brain scans are parts of… Continue Reading “Coming soon…Networked neuroscience: brain scans and visual knowing at the intersection of atlases and databases”