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Join Campus Fryslân

Are you an expert working on climate with a strong sense of data issues? Do you want to help students learn to navigate climate data and build better interfaces? The Knowledge Infrastructures Dept at Campus Fryslân is recruiting: we have an opening for Assistant… Continue Reading “Join Campus Fryslân”

Laudatio Dina Friis

On 22 June 2022, Dina Friis defended her dissertation entitled Theorising Ambiguity: telling deliberately equivocal stories at Leiden University. I had the honour of giving a laudatio on this occasion.

Award for education on academic integrity

UG Comenius project “Privacy in Research” one of the top 10 best practice according to the Council of Europe (news item) In the framework of the Comenius Project, we developed a role playing game about privacy and research data. It was implemented in the… Continue Reading “Award for education on academic integrity”

Data and Society–Our book is out!

Published version available from Sage and authors’ accepted manuscript available from our university repositories (U. of Exeter and U. of Groningen).

Learning in the Anthropocene

Learning in the Anthropocene is the title of the lecture I will deliver at the opening of the academic year on 7 September in Leeuwarden. Recent events have made us realise that we are part of a global system and livingunder conditions often described… Continue Reading “Learning in the Anthropocene”

the university as expensive streaming service

What is the university without a physical campus? Since the spring, these variations on a meme have been putting forth an answer: Why do some people think that this is what is left of the university, when stripped of its campus and shared physical… Continue Reading “the university as expensive streaming service”

How do we value big data?

A nice question to sink your teeth into, thought Xiaoyao Han. Recently graduated from the Masters in Information Science from the Humboldt University in Berlin, Xiaoyao has joined Campus Fryslan and the Data Research Centre on 1 November. She will be working on a… Continue Reading “How do we value big data?”

New project on energy, innovation and community

Imagine a group of people coming together around the shared project to produce energy locally, and who ways to benefit from more social connections, as well as cheaper and cleaner energy. That’s a recipe for a sustainable future! This is the focus of a… Continue Reading “New project on energy, innovation and community”

How does the pandemic help us teach our students to change the world?

A brand new podcast from Campus Fryslan: Together with Sepideh Yousefzadeh and Saskia Rosendaal of Campus Fryslan, we discuss the need to reflect on our teaching practices and how we are reinventing them, the welfare of students and the prospects for incoming students and… Continue Reading “How does the pandemic help us teach our students to change the world?”

PhD Scholarship Valuing Big Data

We are offering a 4-year PhD scholarship at Campus Fryslan, University of Groningen. Applicants can submit a proposal on the topic of valuing Big Data in research. Proposals that address value as a multi-layered concept that connects ethical, epistemological, and legal modes of valuation… Continue Reading “PhD Scholarship Valuing Big Data”