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Zwemloop 2018

The first race of the season! In the run up to this  event, I spent an hour or so in a great little cafe thinking through my goals for this race. The location was actually part of the exercize: Spaak is a newish cyclist… Continue Reading “Zwemloop 2018”


Bonne fête mon chat! What a milestone. For you, legal adulthood. For me, tipping from parenthood into co-adulthood. Don’t misunderstand the term: you will always be my child. You will always be the only person who ever was my baby. This birthday highlights that… Continue Reading “Dix-huit”

Pi Day Report

Full of dedication these past weeks, I’ve been doing serious research into the world of Viennese patisserie. My criteria were 1. Delicious-looking, 2. New  and 3. Chocolate. Though for the sake of number 2, I sometimes skipped the 3rd criteria. The photographic evidence demonstrates the… Continue Reading “Pi Day Report”

Eating problem, continued

I’ve been researching and reading up on how to solve my eating problem. It seems that this eating dilemma is going to be resolved–surprise surprise–with a golden third way. I should not either increase the baseline or compensate the calories as I go, but… Continue Reading “Eating problem, continued”

Eating Problem

I am experiencing an eating problem. Not an eating disorder, not a food issue, but a problem with eating. It’s been developing these past few months and is now getting to be troublesome. There seems to be a growing disconnection between eating habits, hunger,… Continue Reading “Eating Problem”