New collaboration: Creating knowledge together through data infrastructures

During the academic year 2017-2018, Energysense will engage in a collaborative project with the University of Lund on the theme “DATA: enabling us to better store, observe and understand what we measure”.

As part of this collaboration, Dr Anne Beaulieu will be appointed as International Visiting Research Fellow at the Pufendorf Institute at Lund University, Sweden. The Insti250px-pufendorfinstitutet_28fd_klassicum292c_lundtute is an interdisciplinary research institute that aim  to be a creative forum, an incubator for new ideas, and a springboard for new research initiatives.

The theme brings together researchers from several faculties of Lund University (School of Economics and Management, Humanities and Theology, Engineering, Medicine, Sciences and Social Sciences and the University Library). A number of international scholars are also involved, besides Beaulieu: Matthew Bietz (UC Irvine), Christine Borgman (UCLA), Sean Goggins (University of Missouri) and Michael Witt (Purdue University).

The DATA theme will harness a broad range of expertise in order to find solutions to challenges of data curation, visualisation, discovery and prediction, as well as reflect on cross-disciplinary collaboration, including reflexivity in data research, trust and reliability. In the course of the year, exchanges and visits between the participants will take place, culminating in a closing 3-day conference entitled “Opportunities and Challenges in the Future Use of Data”.

One of the threads of the theme is a reflexive one, focusing on the role of data in different disciplines and on the learning that is going on within the theme. Discussions with colleagues Monica Lassi (Lund University Library) and Katherine Harrison (Department of Gender Studies, Lund University, and the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at Copenhagen University, Denmark).have already started, setting the foundation for what promises to be a very fruitful collaboration.

And hopefully also the occasion to cross paths with Sara Kjellberg, who visited the VKS in 2009 and who has been doing very interesting work on scholarly practices in a digital world.

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