Eating problem, continued

I’ve been researching and reading up on how to solve my eating problem. It seems that this eating dilemma is going to be resolved–surprise surprise–with a golden third way. I should not either increase the baseline or compensate the calories as I go, but rather do both. This means two changes in my current eating pattern:

  1. adjusting my diet to the increased level of activity overall (so from 1200 to something like 1300 calories a day) and
  2. incorporating a habit of recovery nutrition after heavy workouts, paying attention to both hydration and refuelling.

Some of the frustration I have been feeling was based on the fact that I’m hitting the boundary of how much time and attention I want to be spending on this triathlon thing… On the other hand, I don’t want to undermine the hours I do spend training by not feeding myself properly or have those episodes of low blood sugar where I wake up beyond famished and barely make it downstairs on wobbly legs.

So it seems that the above moves can help me avoid all three of these inconveniences. Eating more means adjusting the routine (increase in daily calory intake), and with a good set of post-workout snacks, I can tackle the recovery nutrition too.

I’ve been going through my cookbooks (including the Feed Zone Portables) and my little book of recipes to select some staples to tackle the recovery nutrition. I feel I need a few more options –and once found, will list these in a post– to nail that part of the triathlon challenge.

BTW: I have now officially registered for the Groningen Speedman (1/8th distance) in June, will probably do the ‘zwemloop’ (500m swim+ 5 km run) in April and am considering another longer event for September.


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