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When Big Data and Energy Meet

In 2018, one of the activities I’ll be pursuing as visiting professor at the Department of Science and Technology studies (blog) at the University of Vienna is giving a course on energy and big data. This will be the occasion to explore with students… Continue Reading “When Big Data and Energy Meet”

Measuring People up and Database Logic

Average Joe and Plain Jane are two North American ways of expressing in everyday speech the typical, normal, just plain, average person. In Weten Vraagt Meer Dan Meten, the concluding chapter points to the tendency in professional and expert contexts to compare people via… Continue Reading “Measuring People up and Database Logic”

Have you heard of Energy Humanities?

My review of a number of recent scholarly contributions on energy and sustainability has just appeared in De Nederlandse Boekengids (nov 2017). While diverse and wide-ranging, the many insightful analyses contained in these publications demonstrate the power of imagination in overcoming the current energy… Continue Reading “Have you heard of Energy Humanities?”

Margaret Atwood and Energy

In a piece taken up in Energy Humanities: An Anthology, the grande dame of Canadian letters Margaret Atwood wonders about the power of literature to fight climate change: Could cli-fi be a way of educating young people about the dangers that face them, and… Continue Reading “Margaret Atwood and Energy”

What will bring about the energy transition?

At our meet-up on Friday, we watched and debated VPRO’s documentary De Doorbraak van Duurzaam from the Backlight series. The focus of the documentary is the point we have reached with regards to the financial and technological status of renewable energy: we’ve hit the moment… Continue Reading “What will bring about the energy transition?”

Learning to interface at the Groningen Energy Summer School 2017

In one week, 25 PhD students from all over the world will gather at the University of Groningen for ten intensive days of learning on the topic of Global Energy Transition from Local Perspectives. The programme for this summer school is diverse, from lectures… Continue Reading “Learning to interface at the Groningen Energy Summer School 2017”

Succesful conference on local energy initiatives

Conference topic When local energy initiatives take on complex projects: Insights from research on governance, networks, and socio-technical innovations Over 25 scholars attended this one-day event that was marked by the diversity of approaches to the study of local energy initiatives. In the course… Continue Reading “Succesful conference on local energy initiatives”

Dichte Deur, Warme Winkel

Since I put forth the idea of combining energy behaviour, social norms and tipping points in September 2017, a team of students has been working on the project Dichte Deur, Warme Winkel. Guided by Wander Jager and myself, four bright young minds from the… Continue Reading “Dichte Deur, Warme Winkel”

New collaboration: Creating knowledge together through data infrastructures

During the academic year 2017-2018, Energysense will engage in a collaborative project with the University of Lund on the theme “DATA: enabling us to better store, observe and understand what we measure”.

Mutuality in research

Energysense is the context for innovation in research. Not only in the research that is conducted, but also in the way we enable research and shape the possibilities for creating knowledge. As such, Energysense can be seen as an instance of the ‘changing ecologies… Continue Reading “Mutuality in research”