A new project with CWTS

In April, I will start a new project at the CWTS, the centre for science and technology studies at Leiden University. It will focus on increasing the impact of the work of the centre and the project will run for the rest of 2018.

I will write more about the objectives of the project in the coming days. These will further build on existing outcomes from research and evaluation activities, and optimize their impact with existing and new stakeholders. Concretely, this will mean starting up several activities, shorter and longer term initiatives, and variously involving individual researchers or the entire institute.

Among other activities, I will set up

  • a showcase to demonstrate the expertise at CWTS to academic and non-academic partners
  • meetings to discuss how different projects can have different ‘impact profiles’
  • workshops to develop ‘impact skills’ and reflect on what it means to have ‘impact’
  • work sessions on design, communication and form in relation to impact

The project will start with a kick-off seminar on Thursday 19 April. This will be the occasion to explain existing plans for the project and to brainstorm about additional activities that would help the CWTS’ work have more impact, in more ways.

Can’t wait to get started on this exciting mix and putting my energy and talent to work in Leiden: creating new connections, stimulating people to develop new aspects of their work and enhancing capabilities in this great group.

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