Learning to interface at the Groningen Energy Summer School 2017

In one week, 25 PhD students from all over the world wafbeelding_nieuwill gather at the University of Groningen for ten intensive days of learning on the topic of Global Energy Transition from Local Perspectives.

The programme for this summer school is diverse, from lectures to excursions. Central to this programme is an active involvement for participants and organisers: presentations, discussions, feedback are all part of the deal!

Speakers and participants to the summer school have already co-created a shared and annotated bibliography on ‘YIMBY’ (yes in my backyard) that can be consulted at the Zotero website.

Not only does this interactive approach create a deeper link between participants, but is also helps participants develop skills that are essential to the energy transition.

These skills will help them

  • work across disciplinary boundaries and communicate their own expertise effectively
  • understand how social, economic, technical and cultural aspects of energy are entwined
  • engage a variety of stakeholders in complex shifts towards new energy systems
  • achieve the assemblages that are needed to connect local solutions and global issues

More on this next week, for now, I’m enjoying delving into the materials participants IMG_4076have submitted: two dozen delicious dissertation chapters-in-progress or papers reporting on their ongoing PhD work.

From Peru to India, from electric vehicles to atomic energy, from participation to obstruction, from citizens to corporate incumbents… Material that will enrich my understanding of the energy transition and stretch the scope of my knowledge.

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